Charities sometimes have to be creative and create huge grandiose events with limited resources. Often, they have little or no funds remaining in the budget to plan fund raising events. However, if they do not plan events, they will not be able to continue to operate; it is a “catch 22” scenario.

The best way for a charity to tackle this issue is to create smaller, cheaper fund raising events that can fuel funds to the bigger events.

Any charity can benefit from a cheap fund raising idea and it does not have to be solely for this purpose. A charity may simply need to increase its cash flow.

The technique in planning cheap fund raising ideas is really to focus on one specific fund raising goal at a time. If you reach each goal you will gain a little bit of extra cash flow, you will then be able to create bigger events. It is all about balance, organization and a little creativity.

A good example of a cheap fund raising idea that will work for almost every charity is to simply solicit donations of prizes rather than money. All this entails is a few phone calls to local businesses, companies and charity benefactors. It will take a few hours and a few volunteers and maybe some gas money and gift wrap to implement.

Hotels, restaurants and boutiques often offer donations of its services for promotional use.

Reality is, you are helping businesses by offering donation receipts for stock items. Not to mention, you are providing promotional value for “dead stock.” You may even convince someone to offer a donation simply by explaining to them that by removing old stock from their shelves they are actually benefiting by increasing cash flow. The more you know, the more you grow.

If you collect a variety of different donation items, you can put them into neat packages and sell raffle tickets. You may also want to host a silent auction bid for some of the more “exclusive” items.

Either way, you are gaining funds from simply making a few cold calls and the only thing you will ever need to pay for is gas and perhaps some dollar store gift wrap. Albeit, the price of gas may be quite high, it is still quite cheap and highly feasible.

Provide a list to everyone in the charity of the donations that need to be picked up. If anyone lives near one of the companies, ask them to help by picking up the donation.

A quick cheap fund raising idea that takes little effort to implement.

If you are extremely crafty, you would use the advantage of mobile media to your benefit. You can send a request by text to a number of local companies, place a request on your social media platforms or ask parents, members and other staff for donation items via an email blast. This may actually bring in huge amounts of donations and one simple cheap fund raising idea could turn into the best fund raising event your charity ever had.


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