If you are in college and need to raise money for an upcoming event you may find that a little creativity can go a long ways to raising big dollars for your sorority. When you have the advantage of several sorority members you can plan some great fundraising events. This article will help you discover a creative sorority fund raising idea that is sure to be a winner.

The best way to get your sorority fund raising ideas of the ground is to think of a theme. Once you have created a theme then you can plan many types of sorority fund raising events around the same theme. The reason that you want a theme is to convey your message better and raise more money.

Now It Is Time to Be Creative

The first thing you need to realize with any fund raiser is that the idea behind most donors is — they want to help your cause. They like helping you because it makes them feel they are doing something worthwhile. The most successful sorority fund raising idea will come from sororities that realize how they can capitalize on their members.

If you have a large sorority you should be able to spread the word about many businesses that support your cause. The best sorority fund raising idea you can have would be one that will utilize advertising for local businesses in your community.

One fantastic sorority fund raising ideas  is to use advertising and print small signs up. Next have the sorority members wear these ads on their shirts and other clothing for a said period of time. Each sorority member could find some sponsors to support them. You will find many businesses that would love to have an entire sorority wearing one of their logos or business name on several members for a few days to promote their business and support your cause at the same time. Often times the business donor will have specific advertising logo or saying that you can use to promote their business for a nice donation.


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