There are hundreds of great ways to make money with fund raising, yet many people struggle to find one good idea. There are many easy fund raising ideas, but some are simpler than others to make your next fund raiser win. This article will look at some easy fund raising projects you can try.

Car Washes Are Not Dead

One easy fund raising event that you can put together is a car wash. Now before you say that this fund raising idea is not a new idea you need to hold on. Instead of holding the car wash at the local gas station, school or church parking lot. Why not go to the homes and wash cars. Your youth group or even adults could go home to home and raise money washing cars.

Let the Community Bid

What about doing some yard work for an easy fund raising event? You could get your youth group to hold an auction for labor hours. Each person bids so much per hour to have a group of kids to come and do yard work. This can be a very easy fund raising event to hold. You might need to supply some wheel barrows, shovels, lawn mower and few other yard tools, but the rest would juts require some sweat.

If you have a group of people who are responsible enough to host a nice dinner you could hold a fancy restaurant fund raiser. This type of fund raiser may not be an easy fund rising event, but it can be very fun and raise allot of money in the process. The idea is to go and prepare meals for a family, but not just any meal. This would be a five star treatment and a large ticket meal. For $200.00 a family of 4 could get steak, and the fixings, plus dishes done and all catered to them.

You can find many easy fund raising ideas by searching online. The key is to keep the cost low for advertising and hopefully get lots of community support.


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