The current state of the economy in the United States has seen a wide array of non-profit companies looking for a better way to accomplish raising funds. In many cases, sales and other types of fund raising have been seen to be less than effective, leaving the nonprofit struggling to find the funding that they need to keep their non-profit afloat. It’s easier to become complacent when there is no personal interaction involved in the fund-raiser. Sending out a letter or an email is easy to overlook or to forget to respond to, while a hot meal with friends will always be more personal and engender goodwill.

A fundraiser that has been built around a good family dinner is a great way to accomplish fund raising for nearly any kind of business. From a blood drive to an animal rescue foundation, a family meal will draw in people to donate or to sit down and talk with friends. Charging a slightly higher price for the meal than it costs to create will be the first step. Asking for donations from them at the meal, when clients and friends of the organization are relaxed and in a good mood is usually much more successful than a direct mail campaign or an email fund-raising drive.

In many cases, this kind of fund-raising turns out to be less than successful because it is far less personal than an event when everyone gathers. Nearly every kind of fund-raising event will be more successful when it is accompanied by a good meal and the fellowship of like-minded people. Getting anyone together for a good meal and friendly discussion will net far greater benefits than a simple mail solicitation or an email, which is impersonal enough to be ignored.

A very well planned out and well executed fund-raising drive is a quality way to raise money for any group or organization. In addition, since your catering company will quite likely be responsible for much of the cooking, planning and cleanup for the event, the fund-raiser can also be remarkably painless for the organization who is holding the event.

A pancake breakfast or a nice relaxing dinner can generate a great deal of goodwill. It will further afford the organization a chance to discuss what they do and how they do it, building camaraderie between the guests at the event, as well as the fund-raising group or organization.

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