Making money is one of the first thoughts that come to most peoples mind when they think about or hear the words fund raising. Yes, money is one of the reasons for having a fund raiser, but it is not as important as some other aspects of the fund raiser. Let’s look at some key aspects to focus on when planning a fund raising project.

Fund raising project,

The most important key to any fund raising project is to match the fund raising efforts with the cause. If you plan to have long term success with a fund raising project you must be able to present your cause to individuals who can become regular donors.

Good fund raising idea,

If you have a good fund raising plan and good fund raising idea this will of course support your needs, but without a well thought out theme to complement your efforts your ideas may lack convincing aspects. Once you have the trust of regular donors you can begin to gain momentum for future projects.

Match a fundraiser,

One of the best ways to get support is to match a fundraiser with your community focus. If a certain sport is a big deal in your area then focus on sports related fundraisers, but you still need to make sure they blend well with your company theme and cause. You may be able to get support from local athletes to help your cause as well.

Music fund raising,

Music fund raising is often a big winner in most cities especially smaller towns. It is very easy to find eager musicians that will help out just for the sake of being able to perform their music. You can go to war with this idea. One is to charge a fee and rent a local concert hall or you can have donation only concert. The paid concert route may require more planning and higher caliber artist to pull off.

A good fund raising cause never assume,

If you have a good fund raising cause never assume that famous people will not pay attention to you. If the cause is good and your planning has been well thought out you may be able to attract some big name artists to perform at a concert for a very small fee or percentage of the total money raised.


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