Keeping accurate records of your fund raising event is a vital part, if not even more important than the actual fund raiser itself. You must keep track of everything for now and for the future as well. This article will focus on the main reasons for using fund raising software programs available today.

Keep Track Of All Donations

You must keep an accurate record of every item that has been donated right down to the penny. If you hire a fund raising consultant to handle your fund raising event then they will most likely have a very accurate fund raising software program to keep track of every donation brought in.

Keep Track Of Donors

Keeping track of every person and organization that have donated goods and funds to your fund raiser is extremely important for two reasons.

One – You must be able to show each person who has contributed to your charity or group and how much or what they gave with an estimated value. If you have a good fund raising software program these calculations can all be done for you. You may be asked to produce the records at a later date for someone who asks for the information for their taxes.

By keep track of everyone that donated,

Two – By keep track of everyone that donated you will be able to store their name, address, home and office phone numbers, the amount or item donated, date, email address, and any other vital information you need. Later on when you decide to do another fund raising event you will have all of these people stored into your fund raising software data base for follow emails and mailers. This could be some extra funds into your account instantly.

Fund raising software is extremely valuable,

Fund raising software is extremely valuable to have if you plan on having any size of fund raising event. The savings you will gain will far out way any cost to purchase your software program.


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