Have you ever been in charge of a fund raising activity? If you have, then it was a very worthwhile learning experience wasn’t it? And if you haven’t, well it’s not as easy as it looks.

A fund raising activity,

Though, a fund raising activity should be fun and fulfilling it does not always goes as smooth as the organizers plan it to be. That’s why it is always ideal to plan carefully your activity to ensure that all bases are covered and you have a contingency plan for everything. There are, however, some ideal techniques to make sure that your fund raising activity is a success.

Make sure that donors,

Make sure that donors will have a pretty easy time giving to your fund raiser. Never give too complicated directions or too many steps. Make the process easy for people to donate money, gifts, supplies, checks, etc. Ideas are almost limitless.

Car wash fund raising activities,

Aside from the more common bake sales and car wash fund raising activities, you could ask your officemates to bring their own lunches once or twice a week. Instead of buying from the cafeteria, ask them to save the money instead and donate it for a better cause. If you want to involve the whole community, a yard or garage sale would be a good idea. Yard or garage sales is very similar to bake sales and are very effective means to raise some funds.

You could host a walkathon,

For a larger event, you could host a walkathon or marathon. Running or walking for a cause will help increase awareness. The whole community will be aware of your efforts and will entice more individuals to donate for your cause. You could ask for a small registration fee which you could use to fund your campaign. You can even get media exposure for these kinds of events.

Related activities include community tournaments,

Similar or related activities include community tournaments like golf and tennis tournaments which have become popular nowadays. The best and fastest ways to organize these events is to invite and get local gym managers and local sports clubs to be as involved as possible in your fund raising activities. You could make them members of your committees.

The best way to raise money fast,

Also remember that sometimes, the best way to raise money fast is to be unique. Give your community an activity that has never been done before. This will surely attract their full attention.

But, regardless of how you conduct your fund raising event, it is always necessary to keep it simple. Don’t go overboard. Donors might get turned off by your gimmicks and antics and would not consider giving their donations to you anymore. Just be simple and plan ahead.


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