Fund raising is the primary way that most nonprofit organizations acquire the support they need to operate. In today’s time’s nonprofit and other organizations are on the lookout for bigger and better fund raising products to offer. This article will look at fund jewelry raising ideas that might boost your earning potential.

Fund Jewelry Raising Tip One

Jewelry is a great gift idea, and will always be a big seller for many years to come. If you are thinking of using jewelry as a fund raising gift item for your next fund raiser then you should think about certain times of the year when putting together your fund jewelry raising plans.

Christmas Is a Good Season

If you are planning a fund jewelry raising event for the Christmas holiday season then you should focus on charms, necklaces, and trinket type of jewelry as your main draw. You can also target business owners who may be interested in supporting your cause on a personal level to buy their spouse something a little more expensive. Perhaps they would be willing to buy a diamond bracelet, nice watch, even diamond rings.

Valentines is a Sure Winner

Valentines is a great fund jewelry raising time of year. Again it is best to lead with mid-priced items that will not empty a pocket, but you want some of the nice r items to offer as well.

Match the Fund Jewelry Raising with the Cause

If at all possible you want to try and match the jewelry items with the cause at hand. As with most fund raising efforts you always want to try and have fund raising products that go well with the theme of the main reason you are raising money in the first place. Let’s say you are raising money for a heart foundation. You should offer as many heart shaped jewelry items as possible. This might make the sales a little more meaningful and emotional.

Fund jewelry raising is a great way to raise some large amounts of funds. You could even offer products on eBay or other online auctions as a way to boost your fund jewelry raising efforts.


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