There are loads of reasons to raise money just as there are as many types of fund raisers as well. Fund raising requires careful organizing and how to plan fund raising events are actually not that easy. However, with a clear plan, everything else including the money will follow.

Key elements on how to plan fund raising events,

There are certain steps and key elements on how to plan fund raising events, and they should carefully be followed for it to be successful. Here is a guide on how to plan fund raising events:

How to plan fund raising events,

-Define the Cause. The very first step on how to plan fund raising events is to make clear the goals and decide who will get the money for the raise. Narrowing your cause to specific individuals or organization that you want the raised funds to be given to is very important. Take for instance, raising funds for breast cancer, narrow the cause to raise money for breast cancer research in a certain area or specific region of the country or for terminally ill breast cancer victims’ families.

Type of Fund Raiser,

-Decide on the Type of Fund Raiser whether it will be a low-key event such as a car wash, pancake breakfast, or a bake sale, or a large-scale vent such as casino night or run/walk, or auction which will need more planning, time and effort, sometimes even money. The easiest and cheap way may be through letter campaigns and letters requesting donations that can be sent to families, friends, and anyone you know.

Calling for volunteers,

-Get Help by calling for volunteers and for any talents that they may have, donations gifts in-kind or important connections. Delegating the task carefully is essential, and creating committees and subcommittees for other responsibilities and meeting with them to monitor progress is needed as well.

A Spokesperson,

-Get a Spokesperson or Choose an Honoree who is connected with your organization and cause to represent the fund raising cause will add am element of glamour and urgency for the cause.

Date far enough in advance,

-Set a Date far enough in advance with enough time to prepare and make sure it does not conflict with local or national events.

Set a Budget,

-Set a Budget that will keep the operational costs at the least to make a profit. Consider all details for expenses and set the expenses per person, then the ticket price.

Get Seed Money by asking from businesses,

-Get Seed Money by asking from businesses, stores, corporations for help in certain aspects of the event in exchange for a listing in the ad or program. Provide every donor with letter the presents the nature of the gift, cash value, and tax deductible information.

Choosing a Venue is an important,

-Choosing a Venue is an important step on how to plan fund raising events because it is where the big event happens, check out every suitable venue for your fund raising event and be ready to put down a deposit.

-Know the Legalities and your financial liability as some charity fund-raisers are subject to taxes.

Create Invitations,

-Create Invitations and Print a Program is to list everyone you wan to be present on the event and offering them a booklet that will provide an opportunity to sell ads and thank sponsors.


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