It’s no secret that most nonprofit organizations are looking for the most bang for the buck. If money were easy to come by there would be no need for anyone to be talking about fund raising ideas. Most nonprofit fund raising will involve some work and a good plan to be successful. This article will look at some key aspects to making your non profit fund raising event a huge success.

One of the most important keys to any nonprofit fund raising event is to make it as easy as possible for your donors to give donations. This is such a vital key to your success that you need to examine every aspect of your fund raiser to make sure that you have allowed for the donors to give donations in as many ways as they possibly can.

We live in an instant society. People like things simple and the same goes with their giving. If you have the ability to accept credit cards or set up EFT (electronic funds transfer) or automatic withdrawals from their checking accounts you may see a huge rise in your contributions for your next nonprofit fundraising event.

You should take good care of your donors. You do not always need to be asking for money. You may consider some special luncheons for those who are regular donors to your organization. You may find that their giving increases or they may have others that they recruit for your group without asking.

You may be very successful with your nonprofit fund raising by setting up a regular mailing list and send it out to your potential donors and other foundations. The magic number that seems to work best when asking fro monthly support is fifty to one hundred dollars for most regular donations or monthly sponsorships. Asking for more seems to be too steep and less makes it seem not worth the effort.


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