Many organizations are having to find ways of raising extra money for needed programs or events. Many of these programs are being shorted on money mainly due to cut backs. Schools are one of the prime targets for lack of funding and many churches are having to raise extra money for worth while events. You will find that a fund raising event can be a lot of work, but the effort put into it is well worth the final result. There are many ways of raising money and you can actually be as creative as you would like to be. The fact is the more outlandish the idea is, the more money you will probably raise. This article will give some outlandish over the top ideas on a fund raising event.

A fund raising event doesn’t require that you be like everyone else with calendar, magazine and cookie sales. Although those are great ways of making extra funds, there are so many different ways to be outlandishly different. You don’t have to have a car wash or bake sale either. You can come up with things that will attract a large crowd and bring in many people at one time rather than do something that will be spread out over a period of time with a deadline on the event. You could also add an extra measure to your event by requiring the crowd to bring a can of food as they enter to be given to the food pantry or such along with your fund raising event.

You can have a fund raising event that will include some local town officials or maybe even some local celebrities if you have any. These type of people are often more than willing to help out for a good cause. They will usually benefit from the local publicity of such an event and it will give them an opportunity to get to know the local people. You can come up with all kinds of events that will bring in a large crowd if you use local influential people. You could do something such as offering a hayride at night and include some singing with it for a fee of course. Your local talent can help out here. You might even want to hold a barn dance with a buggy ride included or extra. If you live in the city, these are especially different fun things that don’t occur everyday as a fund raising event.

Any fund raising event that uses important well known local people will attract a lot of publicity so often you can get much of the advertising done for free. Remember that many of the local businesses will often support financially or donate to worthy causes such as a good fund raising event. This way, many if not all of your needed items can be virtually free or of little cost so most of what you bring in will be profit. Make your fund raising event new and over the top.


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