With schools running on such tight budgets these days many schools are faced with the problems of cutting out programs because of lack of funds. Often sports are one of the first programs to go and so it is necessary to raise extra money to keep these programs going. Sports fund raising can be a lot of fun because there are so many different options to choose from. Many people recognize the importance of sports not only to keep our young people healthy, but off the streets as well. Our young people need to stay busy doing fun things like sports, so the temptations they are faced with daily won’t even be a consideration. This article will give some fun sports fund raising ideas that can place you over the top with the extra funds necessary to maintain the sports programs.

Sports fund raising can be a challenge, but because most people see the need for sports in the schools, you will more than likely be able to incorporate the necessary help you will need to make the fund raising idea a success. If you go to the local businesses, you will often get the support you will need financially to back the idea. There are just so many things you can do to create sports fund raising ideas that it may be hard to decide which one to choose. Many school sell the some product such as jerky, magazine, bottle etc. These are very popular choices, but you can be creative in your sports fund raising and do different things that may raise more money.

You may want to have a donkey basketball game as a sports fund raising event. You can use county officials to be the opponents and use the team or alumni as the other opponents. You could have everything donated that you will need to perform this event such as food for a concession stand, the advertising needed to make it a success. Many of your local television and radio stations will support good sports fund raising idea. The tickets for the raffle could be sold ahead as well as at the sports fund raising event.

You don’t necessarily have to hold some type of sporting theme for a sports fund raising event. You can have your team be models for a modeling event. It could have a comedy theme and people will pay to go see it, or you could do a talent search contest in which many people will come. Think of ways to delegate jobs not only to parents, but to students as well. Make your sports fund raising something the whole family can be involved in, but still have a good time doing together.


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