Schools are always looking for unique school fund raising projects to raise money for a wide variety of programs and needs. Traditionally many schools have sold magazines subscriptions or colleted cans and bottles, but these standard methods are getting out dated by more unique school fundraising methods. This article will help you create a school fundraising event that will not only generate more funds, but more importantly teach your kids to be more responsible.

School fund raising is an essential part of life. There never seems to be enough money to go around for the many activities that our kids get involved with. You may be one who has been put in charge of such an event, and perhaps you are at loss for new and creative ideas.

Perhaps the lesson should be just as important as the cause. What I mean by this statement is — maybe your students could be in charge of all activities and learn more than the value of the money that is raised. Let’s look at the various key points to a school fundraising event.

School Fund Raising Step One – You will need to have a committee. This committee should be chosen by the students, with some guidance by the teachers. A good committee will be made up of at least one leader and one or more students who are good at organization.

School Fund Raising Step Two – The leader and committee must first decide on a theme for their fundraiser. Once they have a theme they will be better able to divide the remaining class members into effective groups.

School Fund Raising Step Three – The committee should be instructed to evaluate each student for their unique skill sets to determine what project will fit them best. Some students are born leaders while others simply need set instructions. You may find that some students are natural at communication while others are very intimidated by this type of thing.

School Fund Raising Step Four – Since they already have theme you could advise the leaders to brainstorm some effect ways that they can create a fundraiser. You should allow them to do some research online. They could then combine that with some traditional research in the library. Once they have compiled some good data they can begin the school fundraising process.

School Fund Raising Step Five – The committee will need to assign one person to keep accurate records for every single item that is donated and purchased. They will also need to keep record of all donors and expenses that may occur for advertising or advertising materials such as poster board and such.

School Fund Raising Step Six – Some creative ideas for a school fundraiser may be to contact local and statewide businesses online. Each student could spend some time online searching for websites of businesses and then contact them. They could explain their cause and the responsibility they have been assigned. This could generate some very nice funds.

School Fund Raising┬áStep Seven – Once you have the committee inline and each person in their proper responsibility, and have created a unique fundraiser. You are ready to have the event. You should set your sights high. If the fundraiser is not as productive as you had hoped you may still have won by teaching the kids responsibly that will last them long after the money is spent.


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